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Eilidh has her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Accredited teaching qualification. 

Eilidh has found the benefits of yoga to be invaluable in her career as a ski instructor.  She began practicing yoga to compliment her dynamic training routine but has since found a wider range of benefits both physically and mentally. 


After a few years of attending classes and being inspired by many of her teachers along the way, Eilidh decided to invest some time into her own learning and completed her first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Tribe Academy in Edinburgh.  


Eilidh is excited to combine a love for teaching, with her strong understanding of the physical body and her deepened understanding of the mental benefits of yoga by tailoring a range of Yoga classes to individual needs. 


Yoga is relevant for skiers at all levels and Eilidh’s knowledge of the two allow her to compliment her ski lessons with yoga sessions to improve strength, balance, mobility and even fear and anxiety.  Eilidh has also carried out research into the physical and psychological benefits of Yoga for those undertaking their ski instructor exams and is happy to advise further on this. 


If you are looking to wake up your body before hitting the slopes, or something more gentle to relax after a long day, Eilidh can cater to your needs.  If a days skiing is not for you and you are looking for your own yoga, pilates or fitness instructor during the day, Eilidh can help find the right person for you.  

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